Sandvika Film Festival is put on hold until further notice, and will not take place in 2017. We want to thank everyone who submitted films to and attended the 2015 and 2016 festivals.


Our line-up is official and the program is right here, right now! And what’s more, it’s our best line-up ever – thanks to all the amazing people who made and submitted films to what is, unarguably, Norway’s best indie film festival.


The festival will take place at April 15 at 17:30 CET. It’s gonna be a blast, so you’d better not miss it.


We’re happy to announce a collaboration with Peppes Pizza, who make the best pizzas in the whole of Norway. They’ll make sure no guest need enjoy the movies on an empty stomach.


We’re seeking collaborators and sponsors! Contact us here for a chance to take part in Norway’s most promising up-and-coming film festival’s rise to greatness and world domination (ok, maybe not that last part… Or so we want you to believe). Apply if you represent a business, speak on behalf of an organisation or just want to contribute with whatever you do well!


The festival was a huge success, and we have decided it will be held again next year! For now, the date is set to be Friday the 8th of April, 2016, with submission beginning on September 1 this year. Keep yourself updated by following us on Twitter, and don’t forget to make something awesome for us to show!

Our line-up is now officially public! Check it out here! Now! We are a bit proud, because it is truly awesome. Now, don’t forget to attend that Facebook event before  buying tickets!

Aaaand the deadline is now a thing of the past! We have received lots of submissions, and we’re really looking forward to seeing them all and deciding which will be shown! (We have actually begun already; we just couldn’t manage the wait. There’s a lot of good stuff!)

Anyway; we’ll keep you updated! In the days preceding the festival our program will be presented; one film per day. We are super excited, it’s for sure going to be a blast!


We have postponed the deadline for submitting movies! Send in your film before March 15; no excuses this time!


Head over here to submit it!


A short commercial. Sadly, it is only in norwegian. Luckily, it has English subtitles! And not only that, but it also looks great! Wohoo!