This year’s program is better and more diverse than ever before! With 18 films from 12 countries, Sandvika Film Festival 2016 is a unique opportunity to discover different ways of quality filmmaking from all over the world.

A Shadow of Dara – Directed by Kirill Proskura – GB
A Coffee Cup – Directed by Arnaud Clary – FR
Good Take – Directed by Wong Chun – HK
Total Awesome Viking Power – Directed by Morten Forland – US

Dead Hearts – Directed by Stephen W. Martin – CA
The House Job – Directed by Filippo Capuzzi Lapietra – BR
The Grandson – Directed by Jan van Gorkum – NL
Soap Opera – Directed by Alessandro Nidi – IT

Lapsus – Directed by Karim Ouaret – FR
Give and Break – Directed by Nicolai Caspari Stigar – NO
Break – Directed by Nick Moss – GB
Once It’s over – Directed by Jorge Hernández Pérez – MX
Winter’s Journey – Directed by Susanne Boeing – DE

Vardøger – Directed by Ludovic De Gaillande – FR
Polaroid – Directed by Lars Klevberg – NO
Forever – Directed by James Walker – AU
The Uniform – Directed by Michael Mark Lanham – NO
Boring. A Day in the Life – Directed by Arbaaz Shroff – IN