There aren’t many rules to follow when participating at Sandvika Film Festival, but the few we have are really important:

Rule number 1: The Movie needs to fit within one of the following categories:

– Short short film – 4-10 minutes

– Short film – 10-40 minutes

– Feature film – 40+ minutes

and it must be one of the following genres:

– Fiction

– Documentary


Rule number 2: The movie must be of a technical quality suitable for cinema:

– We prefer 2K (2048 wide) resolution. However, we accept files with a minimum resolution of: 1920p wide OR 1080p tall (So 1920 by 800 or 1440 by 1080 is fine, but 1280 by 720 is not). We also accept 3D DCPs in 2K resolution.

– Sufficient audio quality (no unintentional clipping or noise or other errors), with a minimum of 2 channels, but preferably 5.1 (or 7.1 in a DCP). 48kHz is the industry standard sampling frequency, and is thus what we expect.

– We prefer a DCP package, but a movie file with sufficiently high bit rate, both for audio and video, will also do. If you opt for a movie file; we suggest using ProRes 422 Proxy or high bitrate h.264. If you use a DCP, please submit only a proxy version in h.264 or a Vimeo link, so that we can review it more easily, before we send a confirmation that your movie will be shown.

To make a DCP package, we recommend using DCP-o-matic.


Rule number 3: The movie must be made by you, and the director/creator/producer needs to have all rights associated with it, including the rights to all audio and the manuscript. (No Shia LaBeouf-ing, please)


And by the way: Commercials, no matter if the advertised product is real or fictional, will not be accepted.