Submit you movie via Film Freeway or to using something like WeTransfer, or send us a link to a Dropbox or OneDrive folder (or something along those lines). Note that we only want the proxy version, or a Vimeo link, before we confirm that we’ll screen your movie. When you receive confirmation, please send us the DCP.

We recommend Film Freeway, but if you choose to submit via mail, please use this recipe:

Include a thumbnail (or poster), the filmmakers name, name of the independent studio/production company (if any), the film’s title, length (as hh:mm:ss), nationality and category, like this: (unnecessary when using WeTransfer or similar)


Name: Bob Smith

Studio: Independent Productions

Title: The World’s Best Movie

Length: 0:14:20

Nationality: Martian

Category: Short film, Fiction

Note that if you wish to send us the DCP on a physical (USB thumb) drive, you will have to cover all postal fees.

We will not consider movies which do not meet the technical criteria or are products of trolling, unorganised craziness or total lack of skill.

We reserve the right to use submitted movies when marketing the festival, such as using short excerpts in commercials.